Intellivision Amico Makes It To National TV On WWE SmackDown

Avatar Deen TV | May 30, 2022

Hey everyone, so me and my son went to WWE Smackdown. We go to all the ones in Little Rock and we basically enjoy ourselves. This was no different as you see here.

Ronda Rousey fist bumping, nice.

Gunther / Walter ignoring me and everyone, that’s legit.

We’re just as upset with Sami Zayn as Kevin Owens is.

But one image was seen a lot on the social media platform known as Twitter.

Ya know just holding up an ol “Intellivision Amico Scammed Me πŸ™ ” sign. They’re just as common as “Hi Mom” or “Austin 3:16” signs. But then, it started getting noticed by a few people who also are interested in the Amico.

You know just so on and so fourth. I’m glad it got out there, because Nick Richards, Tommy Tallarico and whoever else over there need to give people their refunds. The Intellivision Amico saga isn’t over yet!! Thanks to all who shared it, you’re helping the cause too.