The Untouchable (WIN® 95/98)

Avatar Deen TV | August 8, 2022

Prepare yourself for the ultimate fighting game(maybe) !! Deen and Scarface clash in the oh so outstanding game that is known as The Untouchable!! WHO WILL WIN?!

The Untouchable is the first ever full motion video game to be controlled in real time at greater than 30 frames per second. It’s created entirely with digitized video of real martial artists and includes 3D rendered backgrounds, camera zoom, rotoscoping techniques and a CD quality soundtrack featuring artists such as Prodigy, Future Sound of London, Juno Reactor and Sister Machine Gun among others.

Although similar to Mortal Kombat, this one-on-one fighting game does not have magic but focuses on real martial arts instead. The aim is to defeat a tough fighter called ‘The Untouchable’ and each character (with 19 available) has its own story. It was originally developed for the Macintosh and later ported to Windows.

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